Be Aware Before Suicide

Please read the following sentence carefully as it is shocking.  Over 90% of people who die by suicide have a mental illness at the time of their death.   The most common mental illness is depression and it could happen to anyone. 

My husband was a wonderful and gentle man yet he claimed his life May 4th of this year.  I’m still reeling from the ordeal and my heart actually hurts the pain is so real and so invasive.  Through research on suicide and causes, by conveying this knowledge rather than covering up the information, we can help one another. 


There is no template or design on who will be next.  Depression is a disease, yet is treatable and that’s the key.  Be aware of the signs — don’t dismiss them as being something else.  Usually if your gut, or woman’s intuition, or some “feeling” tells you something is wrong, it generally is.  Please, I implore you to act upon it.  The worst thing that could happen if you’re incorrect is that you’ve shown you care enough.  Essentially that’s what we all need. 


Times are very difficult and challenging on families across the globe.  Teenagers have huge amounts of peer pressure as well as stress to exceed beyond their means sometimes.  Careers, or the battle of finding another career, can wreak havoc on one’s emotional stability.  Try talking about your stress in a positive way.  If you don’t have close friends or family, seek counseling.  There are avenues everywhere but you MUST SEEK it in order to receive it.  The comfort will not seek you out.  Above all, be kind and gentle with one another.  You don’t know often know what another person has on their plate, or why they’re behaving as they are.  You very well could be that KEY person in their lives at a given moment in time.

Read the following list of possible causes for depression and suicide and be aware of those around you.  You could help someone out of a dilemma they cannot help themselves out of.  

Untreated depression is the number one cause for suicide.   

Untreated mental illness (including depression, bipolar disorder and others) is the cause for the vast majority of suicides. 

There are people who are predisposed to depression, and they may not appear to be undergoing negative life experiences – they’ll have a calm and quiet exterior, yet still they become depressed and may die by suicide.   

I’m learning that it appears to be very rare for someone to die by suicide because of only one cause.  There are usually several causes.  Many people commit suicide because depression is triggered by several negative life experiences, and the person does not receive treatment for the depression.   Some negative life experiences that could cause depression and some causes for depression include:  

  • The death of a loved one.  
  •  A divorce, separation, or breakup of a relationship.   
  • A serious loss, such as a loss of a job, house, or money.   
  • A serious illness or terminal illness.   
  • A serious accident.
  • Chronic physical pain.
  • Intense emotional pain.
  • Loss of hope.
  • Being victimized (domestic violence, rape, assault, etc).    
  • Feeling “trapped” in a situation perceived as negative.
  • Feeling that things will never “get better.”   
  • Feeling helpless.   
  • Feeling “taken advantage of.”
  • Inability to deal with a perceived “humiliating” situation.  
  • Inability to deal with a perceived “failure.”   
  • Alcohol abuse or drug abuse.  
  • A feeling of not being accepted by family, friends, or society.
  • A horrible disappointment.
  • Feeling like one has not lived up to his or her high expectations or those of another. 
  • Low self-esteem.

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