Thanks For Sharing and Caring


Through my experiences with grief and the tragic loss of my husband, I have shared with people my feelings.  Friends have recently expressed actions they’ve taken and experiences they have encountered and thanked me for my openness.  I’d like to share with you what I wrote back to them and hope that it may help you or someone you know deal with life and death and tragedy. 

Thanks for your kind words my friend. 

It’s a whole new world to learn and acclimate myself to.   Friends and loved ones can learn too.   I guess that’s really the key element — for each of us to try to “understand” the other in what they feel, say and act upon, bewildering as it appears at a given moment. 
Both at counseling and from others I’ve met through similar tragedies, I’ve been told that my open manner and sharing almost immediately what I encountered have been a help to some and also has it has actually helped me.    By holding in those feelings, we don’t heal and then later on, often years later, it (the real grief) rears its ugly head in the most tragic ways usually. 

I think it’s good to share so that maybe others will identify if this should happen in their families, or circle of friends.   People need to know that they do not have to isolate themselves.   They are not alone; and they do have others around who care. 

Thanks so much for caring!


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