Have Courage and Speak Up


Wanted to share something important about whether to speak your mind about a wrong done to you or hold it in as some sort of sacrifice. 


After I went biking I noticed my neighbor, Assistant Chief of Police Luke, tending to his lawn.  He said hello so I stopped to talk with him.  He shook my hand offering his condolences about my husband’s suicide.  He asked how I was doing and if there was anything at all he could do, just let him know and not to feel shy in the least.  That was so very nice of him. 


So at that point, I mustered my courage and told him about the officers who arrived at the scene when I called 911 for my Martin when I found him.  It was the worst day of my entire life just finding him that way.  The police who arrived had been absolutely awful to me – treating me like I was guilty and yelling at me to get out and so on.  The Assistant Chief was appalled and said he will be looking into who went there that night.  He offered that this behavior is definitely NOT what his officers are supposed to present to us as victims.  He also wants me to talk with their supervisor.  And he asked if anyone ever got in touch with me back then from the department.  When I said no, he vowed to have their victim’s advocate get in touch with me.  That’s what should have happened 5 1/2 months ago.  Glad I told him he said.  Me too.  Although I cried, I felt good that because of me, perhaps other victims will not have to suffer the disrespect and pain I endured. 


Just thought I’d share with you out there, so that some day if you are thinking and wavering on whether you should act upon a wrong similar to this, you too will remember this story and have the courage to just open your mouth and speak up! 


Thanks for listening.  And please feel free to share this information.  I tend to believe that since it is a sincere and heartfelt story, it could do good for someone we may not realize needs to hear it!





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