Don’t Like An Opinion? Get Centered

I read an article today from my Daily OM highlighting the need for resting our bodies and minds.  So on spot was it that I feel the need to share it with you. 

 You may feel stubborn and unenthusiastic about the prospect of examining or altering your opinions, especially if you’ve engaged in conversations or somewhat heated discussions with individuals or even friends.  Your ego could motivate you to stick with your ideas about a certain issue or topic, which could cause you to react somewhat defensively to dissident points of view.   So if you feel yourself becoming defensive or agitated today, you might want to think about taking some time for yourself to relax and touch base with the calmer center of yourself within.  Get away.  Find a quiet place and try to focus on different parts of your body, noting any tension, stress or pain in your muscles and keep your attention focused there until the tension subsides.

When our bodies are relaxed and comfortable, we are inclined to take everything happening around us more lightly.  Physical comfort has many benefits, not the least of which is being mentally centered.  We are able to hear what others have to say and thus can react appropriately to their thoughts and opinions, even when those ideas differ from our own. 

Regardless of what crosses our paths, we handle ourselves with dignity and grace.  Bring yourself back to an easy, comfortable place today if you feel yourself becoming defensive and you will be able to act gracefully even in the face of opposition. 

Certainly seems that this method could prove to be a worthwhile goal or New Year’s resolution for 2011 doesn’t it? 



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