Life = Dancing in the Rain

  Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass … it’s about dancing in the rain! 

This quote sits atop my blog reminding me to enjoy the moments I have right now, not to wait until the rain in my life passes.  When tragedy strikes engulfing your spirit in sadness, it’s very easy to forget the meaning in happiness and enjoying life.  Though as I’ve been blogging, stealing looks at that quote, it has inspired me and I’m realizing why I placed it there originally. 

Are you hunkered down, laying low and awaiting a better economy?  I’m optimistic that things will improve, but I don’t have a crystal ball and do not know with certainty.  I choose to believe.  What if you decided to choose to appreciate where you are right now?  What if you chose to believe there are positive things to be gained right now – to choose how you view life and your situation.  Which would you choose:  waiting or dancing? 

Many people believe they can only enjoy life to the fullest when they have a lot of money, are in a wonderfully romantic relationship, have a beautiful home with attached large mortgage, have a successful career, and so on.  Not so! Consider that money and things do not buy happiness, they only make misery more comfortable. 

True happiness isn’t found in the “whens” of life, but rather within us and within our reach.  Having the motivation to be open to new and different ways of viewing ourselves and embracing our ability to adapt to changes is central to the process of finding and sustaining happiness. 

  Now is the time to dance, because the longer you just wait, the easier it is to keep waiting … endlessly … and then life passes you by.  Regrets form and you spiral even further.  You can never recapture that time; it’s lost forever. 

 The perfect time to dance will never come.  Dance while things seem unacceptable and are imperfect and things will get better.  It will create more smiles, give us a brighter outlook, and enable us to take steps forward toward enjoying life with all its inherent flaws.   Happiness will develop. 

So start dancing, now is the time.   What are you waiting for? 



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