Death Is A Challenge – So Is Love!


After losing my husband, Martin, a few months ago I have been grieving and processing and healing.  It’s a long process – suicide survivors have such a difficult journey to travel. 

Leo Buscaglia said, “Death is a challenge.  It tells us not to waste time…It tells us to tell each other right now that we love each other.” 

After nine months I knew it was time.  I rescued two dogs, white Boxers.  They’re sisters.  Casey is deaf and looks to Miley all the time.  But don’t think that Casey is needy.  Not her – she is definitely a lot of action, fun and love all jumbled into a beautiful girl.   These girls tell me every day that they love me unconditionally  just by their actions.  They want to always be near me, and look for me even while they’re playing.  They want to kiss me endlessly (okay so it’s licking – but it’s what dogs do!) and they’re so forgiving.

We just celebrated their 3rd birthday on Sunday, January 30th.  It was gorgeous weather in the 70’s and bright sunshine.  We played outside running around with dog toys, and chasing a tennis ball.  They ran around the yard and the pool like it was their own personal doggy park!  They looked a lot like gazelles!

What love we are given, we’ll have forever.  What love we fail to give, will be lost for all eternity. — Leo Buscaglia


We went for a short walk also, which they love to do.  And then they celebrated their “Birthday” with their  special treat:  Doggie Ice Cream Treats.  They absolutely adored these non-milk items.  I opted for my personal Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich – human style!

For the first time in nine months, I felt the love, unconditionally, and laughed and smiled endlessly.  Then I cried – happy tears for them, sad tears for losing Martin – and they came over and sat beside me knowingly, quiet and staring up at me.  As I dried my eyes they rested their chins on my lap and watched me with deep brown fixed eyes.  I could only smile as they reached up kissed my cheek – more like licking really.  But I knew what in dog terms they were saying.  We now are family!  We share a bond of unconditional love knowing whatever we do, we’re forgiven.  Why?  Because we love each other.  What a lovely lesson to learn isn’t it?

I have two magnets in the shape of dog paws on my refrigerator.  They say:  

And they both express the real meaning of love don’t they.  Not only with pets but also humans.  Think of this next time you need to scold your child – or even admonish your spouse!  No matter what, always, always tell them and show them you love them.  Time is too short for grudges.  Time is too short not to feel the love.


5 comments on “Death Is A Challenge – So Is Love!

    • Thank you so much Mary. It feels especially good to be writing better and to know the audience enjoys it. Hope to bring more interesting, fun and insightful things to the table soon! ~Joan

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