Asking Why For Better

Summer time brings much more than beach and pool time with sunshine and hot temperatures.  It allows us time for relaxation, playfulness and reflection.  The latter is something I’ve been doing much of lately.  If allowed to, our mind will go to many different areas of those “file cabinets” in our brains to assess what is there.  Without speaking a word, we reflect upon old memories and ask questions which generally remain unanswered in our day-to-day lives.

As for my own reflections, I like to write things down for future reference.  Writing things down allows our brain a rest in the possibility that we may not remember had we not journaled.  Are you like me?  I remember things from years ago yet sometimes cannot remember what I did last week.  What did I eat this weekend?

Some of the contemplation on my life surrounds the reasons why our time together for my late husband Martin and me was so short-lived.  His death was a tragic event for me as the survivor of my husband’s suicide.  Oh I’ve learned to appreciate that short time together because without it I would not have known such real love, laughter and true happiness in my life.  Yet why so short … I’m reminded that as a youngster I was considered the “why” girl always asking this particular question.  Nonetheless it is how I learned from life’s experiences and asking pertinent questions.  Times haven’t changed too much in that regard.

When Martin died, I felt broken – my heart, dreams, love, life itself … broken.  I had to heal and to fix those broken things in my life, including my life itself.  Then I realized something.

Maybe it’s not always about trying to fix something broken. 

Maybe it’s about starting over and creating something better.

 As I reflect upon the future, I will journal those thoughts and ideas and  fill you in on my ideas and the outcomes.

Stay tuned for part 2!

Don’t Be Targets For Burglars

Most of us consider our home our haven, the place we go to feel safe.  My friend used to feel safe.  However, she recently was victim to a burglary.  Every year, over 2 million homes are violated by burglars.  That’s a burglary every 15 seconds!

Many times, the victims are careful people who think they’re doing all the right things.  But in reality, they’re making crucial mistakes that make them targets.  I was burglarized three years ago and learned the hard way.  So I researched and talked with others encountering similar consequences and also became part of my Neighborhood Watch program where I learned a multitude of things from our local police.  Here are some of the “mistakes” we tend to make.


Mistake #1:  Leaving the burglar alarm off when you’re running out for a few minutes.  Nearly all house robbed had expensive alarm systems, yet more than half the time, the alarms weren’t turned on!


Sophisticated burglars watch neighborhoods and learned when residents go to work or run errands and how long they’re likely to be away.  They’re ready to move the minute you leave.  So do yourself a favor and set the alarm, even if you’re just running out for 15 minutes.

Mistake #2:  Posting detailed alarm signs.  When you post a sign which identifies the alarm company, you’ve just given the burglar the information he needs to disable the alarm.  All the burglar has to do is buy a diagram of how that particular system is wired.


Buy a generic sign from a home supply store that simply says, “House Protected by  Alarm System.”  As long as it doesn’t give specific information, in can be a good deterrent.


Mistake #3:  Hiding your valuables in the bedroom.  It’s the first place burglars will look.  I learned this one the hard way.  The burglars checked the underwear drawers, under the mattress, the night stands, high closet shelves, pockets of jackets, blazers and coats in the closet, etc.  And of course the house was a mess.


You can always keep money or jewelry you rarely wear in a safe-deposit box.  Hide other valuables where burglars won’t look:  in the garage, or above removable ceiling tiles, or in the freezer, or in fake soup cans made for this purpose.


Mistake #4:  Hiding windows with landscaping.  Tall bushes and shrubs allow burglars to jimmy windows without being seen.  Also don’t count on thorny plants to prevent entry.  Professional thieves wear gloves and 2 layers of clothes – and carry cutting tools to remove any thorny obstacles that may get in the way.


Mistake #5:  Leaving the lights on all the time.  This is no more of a deterrent than a dark house.  It’s better to use timers when you’re away for a while or on vacation.  This way lights will go on and off at different intervals.


Don’t allow yourself and your home to be a “target” for burglars to separate you from you electronics, jewelry, cash and other important items.  Stay safe, be aware and when in doubt, call the police!




Can We All Get Along & Enjoy Our Freedoms?

 Freedom of religion is a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or community, in public or private, to manifest religion or belief in teaching,  practice, worship and observance; the concept is generally recognized also to include the freedom to change religion or not to follow any religion.[1]  The freedom to leave or discontinue membership in a religion or religious group is also a fundamental part of religious freedom, covered by Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. [2]

 Freedom of religion is considered by many people and nations to be a fundamental human right.  Freedom of religion is generally considered to mean that the government permits religious practices of other sects besides the state religion, and does not persecute believers in other faiths.

So many people wanted to decide what religion should be followed, who should be allowed in or not, and who didn’t fit the ‘ordinary explanation’ for that particular religion.  Yet throughout history wars were fought, people were persecuted and killed, even witches in Salem, Massachusetts were said to be “of the devil” and burned alive at the stake.

Hardly a day goes by when I do not hear something as it relates to what a human being practices in good faith or not follow upon any faith, or how they choose to worship or which designs they follow and why or why not.

Honestly, why does it matter to any of us?  Have we suddenly decided we are a god/God … do we truly believe that anyone here on earth has ALL the answers we seek spiritually?  Then do I have a multitude of questions for you!

Truth is I certainly do NOT purport to have the answers, nor do I believe I will until my own day of judgment.   And I rather like it that way.  There is only one disagreement I have, though I do not push it on anyone dare I say.  And that is the Atheist argument.  Don’t get me wrong … if you’re an atheist, that is entirely your business.  I don’t and shouldn’t have the right to persecute you to change your mind otherwise.  Although I may enjoy a civilized, intelligent conversation to see why you feel this way.  Otherwise, I’m okay with it.

What troubles me is it appears that in the United States, some people claiming atheists and agnostics argue that “Freedom From Religion” is a right in the United States guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.  And, of course, critics of atheism respond, “The Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.”   This argument is understandable as a talking point, not a crisis deciding anyone’s religious outcome.

We enjoy so many wonderful freedoms in the United States, and yet we argue and bicker even between political parties.  No one can seemingly agree.  Although I seem to notice that it’s all for show generally speaking.  In other words, some folks need the limelight in order to make clear their point which they find most important to them.

I’m glad we have the freedom to speak our mind in this country.  In certain other countries, we could be arrested, tortured and beheaded or shot for such evil ways.  I take this freedom quite seriously and it is close to my heart.

The same way we fight over who can and who cannot enter this country provide the same lunatic arguments over which religion should we follow or not.  Many men and women gave their lives in the military so we could have the liberties we now enjoy.  We are now at a time when these liberties are in peril.  I think in some cases, perhaps many, our government has grown so big and powerful that the rights of the individual are at risk.  This is what the Constitution was about.  I plead with all Americans to defend the cause of liberty in this nation for all Americans lest we lose them to our foes.

(1)   Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 18.

(2)   The Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. The United Nations


Ending Myths on Shelter and Rescue Pets


There are many misconceptions about the quality of animals found in rescue shelters.  The stigma that shelter and rescue pets have been stuck with for many years is that they are “damaged goods.”



Myth: Shelter pets are obviously not good pets, or else their original owners wouldn’t have gotten rid of them

If the main reason why a pet gets brought to rescue shelters was because they were a *bad* pet, there would be thousands of empty shelters across the country.   Animals are brought to shelters for a large variety of reasons, some of which are…

  • Their owners have passed away
  • An irresponsible owner didn’t get their pets spayed or neutered so they found themselves with a litter of babies that they could not keep or did not want
  • The animal’s owners were abusive to the animal, so authorities removed the pet from the harmful environment
  • An animal was purchased or adopted by someone who did not take into consideration all of the responsibility that caring for that pet would entail.  A good example of this would be someone who adopts a pet in an apartment complex that does not allow animals and then is subsequently forced to get rid of the pet.


Myth: Animals from abusive homes will never be good pets because they have been mistreated for so long

Most animals coming from abusive homes will typically make a full emotional recovery with proper care and attention.  In fact, many of them are so grateful to be rescued from their previous situation, they end up being more devoted and loyal than animals coming from non-abusive homes.



Myth: You never know what you’re getting with shelter pets

Although it’s true that the medical history and temperament of an animal adopted from a rescue shelter are not always able to be tracked down, it’s really no different than an animal you might get from a pet store, unless you are buying a pedigree.



Myth: All animals in rescue shelters are sickly or unhealthy

Once again, it certainly IS possible that a pet adopted from a rescue shelter may have medical problems, however the majority of the animals that are adopted from shelters are perfectly healthy, and just need a good home. If anything, you’re more likely to get an honest answer about an animal’s medical problems from a shelter volunteer who is clearly there because they *care* about the animals as opposed to a pet store owner or breeder who is only in it for the money.  Additionally, animals in shelters are typically treated much better than animals in pet stores, which have often spent their short lives in cramped environments with little socializing and often, unsanitary conditions.

To illustrate the point a little more clearly, when you go to a pet store, the animals are kept on display in tiny cages, often with multiple animals in one cage.  When you go to a shelter, you will usually find much bigger animal pens, where the animals have some room to move.


Rescues are made up of ordinary people dedicated to saving companion pets from crisis situations.  They strive to alleviate pain and suffering, to provide a second chance for wonderful pets who have no one else to speak for them.  They foster, provide veterinary care, work through all sorts of behavioral issues and seek appropriate homes for these animals when they feel the pets are ready.  So never think that it’s just a quick let’s get these pets adopted situation.  Rescue organizations want the BEST for a family and that includes for the PET as well as for the PEOPLE.  Hopefully a coming together in a FUREVER HOME!