Want to Reduce Arthritis Pain And Not Use Painkillers?


(Hint:  One way is to eat more grapes!)


If you’re in the Baby Boomer era, then it’s likely you have arthritis and probably have tried painkillers and heating pads.  You may have even tried drugs like Celebrex (as I have in the past) or supplements like glucosamine.  But there are five little-known remedies that you probably haven’t tried.  They’re safe … they’re inexpensive … and they can dramatically curb your symptoms.


  • Drink Tea.  Yes, tea.  Research shows that green tea is rich in polyphenols  — compounds that suppress the expression of a key gene involved in arthritis inflammation.  Black tea is made from the same leaves and may be as beneficial, even though it is processed differently.  Drink one or two cups of hot or cold tea daily. 


  • Boost Your C and D.  Vitamin C is believed to slow the loss of cartilage due to osteoarthritis, while a diet low in Vitamin D has been shown to actually speed the progression of osteoarthritis.  In a recent high-profile study, doctors discovered that patients who ate a diet high in vitamin D (or who took vitamin D supplements) reduced risk for worsening their arthritis by 75%.  Another study of over 25,000 people concluded that a low intake of vitamin C may increase the risk of developing arthritis.  Take daily supplements that provide 500 to 1,000 mg of vitamin C and 400 IUs of vitamin D.


  • Try Willow Bark/Boswellia.  Willow Bark is where aspirin comes from.  And boswellia has been used for centuries to reduce inflammation and maintain healthy joints.  A study showed that taking these two herbs is just as effective as taking a drug like Motrin.  Take 240 mg of Willow Bark and 1,000 mg of boswellia per day.


  • Eat Grapes.  Grape skin contains resveratrol, a natural compound known to act as a COX-2 inhibitor.  Resveratrol both suppresses the COX-2 gene and deactivates the COX-2 enzyme, which produces inflammation at the site of injury or pain.  A study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry confirmed that resveratrol acts as an antioxidant and a COX-2 inhibitor.  This calls for eating one cup of white or red grapes daily.  Good news:  Purple grape juice and wine contain resveratrol too.


  • Therapeutic Taping.  Wrapping tape around a joint to realign, support, and take pressure off it has great benefits for arthritis sufferers.  In an Australian study, 73% of patients with osteoarthritis experienced substantially reduced symptoms after just three weeks of therapeutic taping.  The benefits were comparable with those achieved by standard drug treatments and lasted even after taping was stopped!  Important:  Taping must be done properly to be effective.  Consult a physician or physical therapist who can show you or a family member the proper technique.