Struggles With Dating? You Can Land Your Man!


The Dating Game

The Dating Game (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We know that a painful background predisposes us to falling for the wrong men.  And sometimes it’s so hard to tell whether we’re involved with a truly toxic man.  We need to break negative habits keeping us from love.

So many of us become “lost” the moment we fall for a man.  Immediately he becomes the center of our world.  But the moment we even THINK about a man as the “center of our world,” his feelings of attraction for us go away.  It may feel good to his ego… but it does nothing inside his heart.  What makes a man go crazy for a woman is the fact that he might lose her.

You’re about to learn how to have a man CHASING YOU and begging you for your time and attention.

Mistake #1 – Chasing HIM

You chase him by calling him first, texting him all the time, asking where he was and why he didn’t call, offering to make him dinner when he hasn’t asked you first, talking about your future together or the fact that you’re a couple when he hasn’t expressed that himself… etc.   It’s about GIVING without getting much back.

When you chase a man, he’ll back away even further.  Even if you’re only thinking about chasing him.  It doesn’t matter.  The vibe is out there, and he feels it.

Mistake #2 – Becoming Exclusive Too Soon

We’ve been taught that the way to go in love is to get a man to commit to us exclusively as quickly as possible.

The TRUTH is that demanding, expecting, and yes, even wanting “exclusivity” with a man too soon is a demonstration of weakness to him.

“How could that be?” you ask… It’s like this:

When a man senses you’re willing to fully invest yourself in a relationship with him BEFORE he’s ready to commit, it lowers your “Degree of Difficulty” (how hard you are to “get” and his perception of your worth) practically down to zero.

Mistake #3 – Not Dating At All Or “Dating And Hating It”

It’s easy to start feeling that no men measure up to your standards.  Or to be afraid of losing the one man you want by dating other men.  So you don’t date.  Instead, you focus on getting that one man BACK.

When you narrow down your options like this, you’re giving up your freedom for no reason and missing out on meeting Mr. Right.

Want to get a man’s attention, elevate your worth, and get a commitment-phobic man to snap to and decide quickly what he wants from a relationship with you?

Regular Dating:  dating more than one man at the same time, or dating “yourself” and flirting with other men has a sort of magic potion to it.

That’s right …  it’s not just about officially dating men.  It can also be about simply and easily INTERACTING with men in your everyday life, WITHOUT any fear or guilt, without giving out your number or email, and without an actual “date.”

How dating more than one man can help you

target Mr. Right and get him to commit

1)  Regular dating stops neediness, anxiety and desperation

You actually start FEELING more interesting and attractive because men see you this way.  Your Degree of Difficulty automatically and effortlessly goes up – right along with your self-esteem.  You have choices, you’re not sitting around waiting for one man to call, and you’re having a blast meeting different people and doing different, interesting things every weekend.

2) Regular Dating Makes Him Want You More

He’ll suddenly want you MORE, but won’t understand why.  He’ll realize there’s a good chance you’ll leave him, and that he has to step up or risk losing you forever to someone else.  And, if you do it right, he’ll feel pulled toward you by your warmth, openness and inner strength.  There is absolutely NOTHING more attractive to a man than a woman who really, truly, is focused on her own needs and does not let her love for a man come before her love for herself.

3) Regular Dating Lets Him Know What You Want Without “Drama”

We’re often afraid to tell a man how we feel and what we want because we don’t want to rock the boat.  At the same time, we’re afraid to let another man pay attention to us, for fear the man we’re with will become upset.  But here’s the thing:  (and I want you to really HEAR this) him getting upset and angry is the point!   BUT… you want him to feel this on his OWN.

You don’t want to tell him what he’s doing wrong, you don’t want “drama” or neediness and desperation, because that just knocks you backwards with him.  Regular Dating will do it FOR YOU.  He’ll get that you’re the best woman in his life and that if he doesn’t move quickly and change his behavior he is going to LOSE you.

4) Regular Dating Is Free Therapy!

Regular Dating is about using every interaction with a man as your coaching session – where you learn to be the most attractive, desirable and sought-after woman you ever thought possible.  You can use Regular Dating when you’re running errands, when you’re at a class, when you’re just walking through a parking lot… anywhere and everywhere!  The world of men is your classroom. With every “hello,” every conversation, every interaction, you’ll be one step closer to understanding men better and feeling more confident as a result.

Try this routine and see how well it works for you!  Give me some feedback or questions, and in my next posting we’ll be tapping into your “feminine power” where he will see you as irresistible and will want to be with you more and more!

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