Do You Believe In Yourself?


Recently, I saw on TV that Oprah Winfrey did Tony Robbins’ Firewalk.  It reminded me that 12+ years ago, so did I.  A lot has happened since that day – and suddenly I began thinking this was partly the reason for people telling me how strong I am under serious conditions.

Firewalking is the act of walking barefoot over a bed of hot embers or stones.  To walk over fire – what a thought!  My friend Polly B. invited me and another friend, Cathy W., to the Tony Robbins UPW (Unleash the Power Within) event where the Firewalk is offered.   Firewalk:  very scary thing to do one thinks in the comfort of your living room, safe at home.  But I was intrigued and vastly curious.  So I attended, thinking I’d watch others do their Firewalk.  I considered the experience in those terms and I was fine with that.

When it came to the point in the seminar where Tony walked us over and showed us how they prepare by setting the fire and waiting until it burns down to red-hot embers, it only served to re-emphasize the scariness.  Could people really train their minds to do it?

What is the point of doing a Firewalk anyway?  The idea is that rather than just get a ton of theory in any book or DVD, you have to experience the challenge of facing something you believe you cannot do – something IMPOSSIBLE for you to do, and then face up to it and just go ahead and DO it.  It teaches you to face your greatest fears, and all the other challenges in your life become easy by comparison!

Suddenly I felt like the only one insistent upon not doing the Firewalk.   Now it was time and we ALL walked over to the site of those now red-hot embers and began to walk.  We’d been told how to prepare, what to do and what to think.  We had rehearsed mentally over and over again until it was memorized.



My friend Cathy walked first and completed the Firewalk with passion!  When it was my turn the “coach” asked me if I wanted to do this.  I said, “I’m not sure,” and began to tear up.  I was petrified and yet felt something inside urging me to go ahead!  The program coach reminded me what we had memorized.  Told me that I could do this and it convinced me that I at least had to try.  And I did.  And the additional joy came as my friend, Polly B., was the one catching me at the end!

The take-away from this Firewalk provides life transforming tools to help push you through obstacles, achieve your goals, take consistent action on your ideas, and ultimately redefine and improve the quality of your entire life.

A heart-breaking tragedy in my life recently from the suicide of my husband made me aware that my life will never be the same again.  The Firewalk also made me realize that I would never, ever be the same again!  I just forgot about it for all these years.  Oprah’s Firewalk reminded me that “I can live through this” and live my life with love and happiness, and achieve goals I also had forgotten.  Or maybe, realign my goals to match my present day needs.  I have the power within and I know how to use it to live my life with more passion, happiness and fulfillment than ever before!   And I won’t settle for anything less.



Keep the Faith in Yourself


Do you believe in yourself?  Do you believe you can accomplish your goals?  Do you have faith in yourself? 

A stressful habit we may have is lack of faith in ourselves.  We worry about whether we will be able to accomplish what we set out to achieve.  This worry causes stress.

You can obtain any goal you set your heart and mind to.  Whether you believe it or not is just a thought and we are free to choose our thoughts.  The majority of stress is caused because of thoughts we have about the future.

  I know a very successful man who earns $250,000+ yearly, has a great relationship with his wife and child, and has all the luxuries most people dream about.  He discovered his stress was coming from a belief he would be unable to sustain his business and his income.  However, there was no evidence to support that he would be unable to continue to be financially successful.  Matter of fact, all the evidence pointed to him always having clients waiting for his service.  What it all boiled down to was a belief that he would not achieve and lack of faith in himself.  This lack of faith was generated through a habit of his thought process, a belief that he could not obtain his goals. 

My friend has the power to obtain anything he sets his heart on.  We all have this power don’t we?  You can achieve all that you want.  How do I know this?  If you have made it this far in life (no matter how far that is), you are successful.  Look at all the things you have accomplished thus far.  Look at the relationships you have created, look at the jobs/careers you have or had, and look at all your successes so far.

Friends, you are capable of doing anything you set your heart and mind to.  All you have to do is set your heart and mind to it.  It’s a matter of attitude.  I’ve practiced this during my traumatic recovery process and it helps immensely.  My journey is ongoing, but I’m progressing and any forward movement proves I must keep the faith!

If you are having a hard time with having faith in yourself, try this exercise.  I’m working on it and it is helping me through my healing process and in successfully taking the baby steps needed to continue my journey. 
List all accomplishments and milestones in your life.  Include elementary school, Jr. high school, high school, sports, band, chorus, church, arts, relationships, vacations, careers, major purchases and anything else you can think of.  After you make this list, look back at these times and see how you did it.  Chances are you will see that you had ambition, desire, and drive.  I guarantee if you make this list and think over these accomplishments they will remind you how great you really are and how great you continue to be.

Sometimes as we get older, we stop setting goals and we become stagnant.  This may be happening to you and stagnation may increase doubt in yourself.  Remember all the goals you set and accomplished so far in your life and study them.  This will increase your faith in yourself.

Destress yourself by having faith in you and that you can accomplish your goals.  When you do this you’ll discover what you can create in your life.  When you destress yourself, you change your thoughts, feelings, actions and attitude from stressful to successful. 

If you’re stressing out, take back control by listing how far you’ve already come in your life.  Then work on where you want to go and keep the faith in yourself!